The Three C’s of Marketing

We get asked all the time – “What makes for a good marketing or branding program?”
Remember the three C’s of Marketing: (Uno, dos, tres …)
1. Clarity – A good marketing program will be very clear in its goals, objectives and strategies. There is no confusion or question as to it’s intent. 
2. Concise – In that it is lean – all the “fat” (read: excess) has been taken out and you are left with the real “meat” or substance of the tactics to reach your goals.
3. Consistency – the imagery is the same (use of colors, graphics, etc.), the messaging is the same, the intent is the same – all with the same outcome.
And, if you wanted to add one more C …
4. Cost-effective – We believe that marketing should not cost you an “arm or a leg” to get the job done. Today’s marketing benefits a lot from today’s technology and helps to bring the cost down.  
Whether you’re in Dallas, TX or London, England an effective marketing or branding program will have: Clarity, Conciseness and Consistency. 
We would like to hear your opinion as well. Drop us a line and let us know what you think.

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