Network Like You Mean It …

Building your network, networking, connecting with other professionals or employers, whatever you want to call it, networking is an essential part of growing your business. Network like you mean it!

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Another App? More Software?

Excerpt: Today it’s TikTok© and WeChat©, tomorrow these will be replaced by a newer and shinier object which will keep us distracted and occupied. Some lament, to waste more of our time.

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Keep it Simple!

Marketing should be simple, easy and we dare say fun. At the same time, an effective marketing, promotions, or publicity program means serious business…

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Marketing and Sales – They are not the same thing

Even today, a lot of business professionals and executives confuse marketing and sales.

So, we chuckle a bit when we see a job announcement for “Sales and Marketing.” They are two very distinct functions. While the two roles are connected and complement each other – they are quite different.

Consider this …

Marketing makes the phone ring: Marketing uses a number of tools within its tool box to capture a potential customer’s attention – e.g. social media, PR, email marketing, Web-based digital tools – apps, and traditional marketing tools such as billboards, TV/radio advertisements, print ads, etc.

Sales answers the phone and closes the deal: Sales is transactional. Sales has direct contact with the customer, delivers the product or service into the customers hands and gets paid for it. A good salesperson will build a relationship with that customer.

While marketing and sales complement each other, keep in mind that they are very distinct in their processes and outcomes.

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