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Well … if you made it this far, you’re a little curious about TGC Marketing.
TGC has over 100 years combined experience in marketing across the board. Our clients span the globe and are also right here in Dallas, TX.
TGC utilizes every known (and maybe even unknown) creative solution to just about any business, organizational or promotional need.

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And it all starts with the leader of our creative bunch – Mr. Eli Hernández!
You could say he has been around and he has seen it all. Nothing rattles him and we mean … Nothing!
Here is a bit more about ELI …Mr. Hernandez has nearly 35 years of Marketing, Communications and Public Relations expertise with an extensive portfolio of work. He’s a results-oriented leader, providing proactive communications programs to a wide variety of industries, including: aerospace, aviation, beauty and cosmetics, chemicals, cryptocurrency, education, energy, entertainment, finance, gaming, legal, logistics, media, non-profit, pharmaceuticals, plastics, politics, retail, restaurant, sports, technology, telecommunications and turnaround services.

Mr. Hernandez’ major accomplishments include: an estimated $7.5M in overall agency new business, successful launch of numerous high-profile marketing campaigns, groundbreaking of PR departments, the placement of strategic articles and broadcast stories in global media outlets, and a recognized expertise in crisis communications and political strategy. Mr. Hernandez is a consummate and tested professional with a broad communications experience, a unique multicultural and multilingual background, an above average work ethic and an ROI philosophy.

Are you impressed yet?

You will be.

We work with him and for him, but most importantly we call him “Our Friend.”

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Joshua is Head of Creative and Partner, at TGC Marketing. He is also in charge of our offices in Oklahoma City, OK.

“Design is my work, my play and my worldview,” is the way he describes his passion for design. He lives and breathes for all things creative, design, typography, anything techie, eco-living and of course business online.

Joshua has over 20 years experience in creative, design and implementing tech solutions to just about any business or communications need.

Josh’s creative philosophy is that businesses or any organization needs cutting-edge, innovative media to help set them apart from the competition. Watch Josh in action and you will see – he takes command of the topic, he is the authority and has the answers for any design and tech goal.

As Head of Creative, Josh manages all branding, advertising, marketing, communications, design, digital media, Website creative and hosting for our clients.

His specialties include: logo development, printing, Web and print design, Web hosting, E-commerce, Wit and custom WordPress themes.

Whether your business is in Dallas, Oklahoma City, or even New York City, TGC Marketing has your design or creative solutions for your business needs.

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Our History