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Welcome to TGC Marketing!

Here comes the corporate speak: “Yada, yada, yada, blah, blah, blah…” Boring!

Have you noticed creative agencies try to act like major corporations – “We this…” “We that…” It’s all about them, nothing about YOU!

At TGC Marketing, it is all about YOU, our client!
TGC manages creative projects which span the globe. And TGC is also happy working on a local marketing project right here in Dallas, TX.

TGC Marketing takes your promotional efforts to the next level. TGC delivers on memorable branding. Your customers will remember your brand!
Our creatives are dedicated to delivering “out of the ordinary” or “out of this world” (cosmic even) creative solutions to move your products or services.

So … get some coffee or tea and stay a while. Get to know TGC Marketing!
TGC delivers AFFORDABLE Marketing solutions for REAL results. Period!

And … “Se habla Español!”


TGC Marketing provides a vast array of professional marketing services – Turnkey!

From conception, creative, planning through execution and analytics, TGC delivers the very best of publicity, branding and entertainment services to your specifications.

But TGC is not an order taker – “Would you like fries with your order?”
TGC will give you the most effective and “tried and true” professional counsel – Hands down!

Our Marketing Philosophy:
To provide YOU, our client, the most effective marketing services in the industry today and at the most AFFORDABLE rates for your business.

Many marketing agencies charge outrageous fees and lock you in for at least a year.

TGC will NOT be undersold. Show us their invoice and TGC will meet and beat their prices! Period!

TGC Marketing has that New York City mentality and swag, and at a Dallas, TX price.

You could pay more, but WHY?

TGC Marketing

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